A303 STONEHENGE TIMELINE: DCO Examination, official correspondence and redetermination with links

A303 Stonehenge Planning Inspectorate | Overview and ‘What Happens Next’

A303 Stonehenge DCO Application | Planning Inspectorate library

A303 Stonehenge | Secretary of State’s Decision Letter to proceed with the scheme: 12 November 2020

A303 Stonehenge DCO Application | Examiners’ Report and Recommendations

Submitted to the Transport Secretary on 2 January 2020, published by the Planning Inspectorate on 12 November 2020 with his decision letter

A303 Stonehenge  | Judgment:

The Hon Mr Justice Holgate, 30 July 2021 Between the Claimant Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site Ltd and Defendant Secretary of State for Transport, and Highways England, Historic Commission for England (Historic England) 

A303 Stonehenge | Scheme Images 

A303 Stonehenge | Scientific Committee

Correspondence | SA with Government and Authorities

Links to SA allies and other useful sources

Media coverage | SA Press Releases

MPs’ Briefing

National Audit Office |Summary and Full report 

Overview of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP) and DCO planning process: Stonehenge Alliance explainer  

Parliamentary Questions and Answers  

Redetermination documents – National Highways

Published by Planning Inspectorate: 42 documents on 23 February 2022, 8 documents with correspondence on 3 February 2022.

Stonehenge Alliance DCO Case against scheme Summary | Full submissions

Stonehenge Saga and Timeline

Other external references by key players

UNESCO’s 44th World Heritage Committee in Fuzhou, China 22 July 2021: Decision 

A303 Stonehenge Highways England’s consultations:


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