Sample letter for your MP and parliamentary candidates:

Dear (1st and last name),

I am writing to tell you that I can only support you at the next General Election if you oppose the extravagant and damaging A303 Stonehenge road and tunnel scheme.

The  Stonehenge road and tunnel scheme has been condemned by UNESCO, the Planning Inspectors, many archaeologists and specialists, and over 238,000 petitioners world wide.  The damage to the WHS will be irreversible and would cost at least £3bn for just 12km of road including a tunnel that is too short to protect the World Heritage Site.  That is the equivalent of a quarter of a million pounds per metre!   Like HS2, costs are likely to spiral out of control.

The scheme makes no economic sense, costing more than it will ever deliver in benefits at a time when there is a climate crisis, and when our health, our NHS, school buildings, wildlife and transport services are in crisis.

Why spend billions on building roads which makes things worse?  For instance, parts of our network in the south west are still only single track.  £3bn spent on that railway line would transform its use.  And we need to prepare our UK rail network for extreme weather events which will cost at least £2.8bn
I hope you can reassure me that if elected you will oppose this scheme.
I look forward to your reply.
Yours etc…  + Your name and address
Forward further information:

We’d love to see your replies

Please can you forward responses to  You can also email us if you would like further help and advice.

Other important points you can include – but the shorter the better!
  • It is shocking that the UK Government is still intending to go ahead with the A303 Stonehenge tunnel scheme.
  • UNESCO has threatened to place the WHS on the World Heritage in Danger List if this scheme goes ahead.
  • It will undermine the UK’s commitment to urgently address climate change.  The Climate Change Committee has advised a re-think on all major road proposals in the light of climate change and carbon emission reduction considerations.
  • The UK needs to avoid international condemnation and save Stonehenge World Heritage Site from a devastating road scheme.
  • Ask your MP to ensure that your concerns are forwarded to the Secretaries of State for Transport and Culture.
  • Please include: your full name, address
  • Please attach our briefing on ballooning costs 
  • You can also link to images of the scheme
  • Please send us your candidate’s replies: SaveStonehenge (@) 

You can also write to the Prime Minister at No 10: 

Write by post to the Prime Minister: 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA
Message by email to No 10 using their contact form. It is limited to 1000 characters  see sample here. 

Do you live outside the UK?

If you live outside the UK please consider writing to your country’s Culture Secretary /Ambassador in UK urging them to forward your concerns to the British Government.

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