The decision to go ahead with the A303 Stonehenge scheme has been announced today, 14 July 2023.

The Transport Secretary must be asked to reconsider his decision.

– or ask for changes to the scheme, which would require a new application.

Write to your MP using your own words

We need to persuade Transport Secretary, the Rt. Hon. Mark Harper MP, to reconsider and abandon the £2.5bn scheme.  Government needs to avoid international condemnation and save Stonehenge World Heritage Site from a devastating road scheme.

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What should I say?

Use the sample letter below, or use the points to compose a letter in your own words.

Dear [first and last names of your MP],

  • I am shocked to learn that the UK Government is still intending to go ahead with the A303 Stonehenge Tunnel scheme.
  • Please ask the Transport Secretary to act wisely and abandon this scheme before it’s too late.
  • The scheme makes no economic sense, costing more than it will ever deliver in benefits.
  • There is world wide opposition to damaging our World Heritage Site (WHS).
  • The scheme examiners recommended refusal on the grounds of significant and irreversible damage to the WHS.
  • The scheme goes against the advice of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, and of many experienced archaeologists and specialists.
  • UNESCO has advised against continuing with the current proposals suggesting instead that a new proposal that avoids the WHS is examined or, failing that, longer tunnels are explored.
  • It will undermine the UK’s commitment to urgently address climate change.
  • The Climate Change Committee, advisers to the Government, has advised a re-think on all major road proposals in the light of climate change and carbon emission reduction considerations.
  • Ask your MP to ensure that your concerns are forwarded to the Secretaries of State for Transport and Culture.

Yours sincerely,

Please include: your full name, address

Please attach: the MPs’ Briefing describing the scheme and its effects.
You can also attach a link to images of the scheme.


Transport Secretary, The Rt Hon Mark Harper MP  

Culture Secretary, The Rt Hon Lucy Frazer, KC MP  & 

&/or write to the Prime Minister at No 10: 

Write by post to the Prime Minister: 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA
Message by email to No 10 using their contact form. It is limited to 1000 characters  see sample here. 

Do you live outside the UK?

If you live outside the UK please consider writing to the local British Ambassador (or High Commissioner) and your country’s Culture Secretary urging them to forward your concerns to the British Government.

What did your MP say in reply?

We’d love to know what the MPs say.  Please can you forward your MP’s response?  Email:

How should I respond to my MP’s reply?

Here are some suggested responses to typical replies by MPs.  This campaign is complex. Please do not hesitate to ask for help.  Email

Have you signed the petition?

The petition is live on line until the final decision has been made.  Please sign here and share to strengthen our campaign.

THANK YOU for taking action!

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