The decision to go ahead with the A303 Stonehenge road scheme can be challenged! There is still time for government to change its mind and avoid international condemnation. 

Write to the Prime Minister (and your MP if you live in the UK)

Write to the Prime Minister by post: 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA 

Message the Prime Minister at No 10: (Limited to 1000 characters) & cc as well 

Find your MP

⇒ If you live outside the UK: please consider writing to the local British Ambassador and your country’s Culture Secretary urging them to forward your concerns to the British Government.

Forward your correspondence to us please


What should I say? 

It is more effective if you can compose a short email or letter in your own words rather than send a standard letter.  Here are some ideas for you to adapt:

Subject: A303 Stonehenge road scheme 

Dear Prime Minister,


Dear [first and last name of your MP],

• I am shocked to hear that the UK Government has decided to go ahead with the A303 Stonehenge Tunnel scheme.

•  Please abandon this scheme before it’s too late.

• There is world wide opposition to damaging our world heritage.

• The scheme examiners recommend refusal on the grounds of significant and irreversible damage to the WHS.

• The decision goes against the advice of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, it will undermine the UK’s legal commitment to address Climate Change and is contrary to the advice of many experienced archaeologists and specialists.

• Please find attached a briefing describing the scheme and its effects.

Yours sincerely,

⇒ Please include: your full name, address and attach the MPs’ Briefing.

Copy:  Transport Secretary, The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP

Copy: Culture Secretary, The Right Honourable Oliver Dowden CBE MP &

Ask your MP to ensure that your concerns are forwarded to the Secretaries of State for Transport and Culture.

How should I respond to my MP’s reply?

Please forward your MPs’ replies so that we can tailor replies:

Email savestonehenge (at)

Meanwhile here are some of our responses to typical replies by MPs.

Please  do not hesitate to ask for help. This campaign is complex!

Have you signed the petition?

The petition is live until the final decision has been made.


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