Success at the first hurdle, but there are more hurdles ahead

The challenge by Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site Ltd (SSWHS) to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps’ outrageous decision to go ahead with the A303 Stonehenge scheme will be heard in the High Court from Wednesday, 23 to Friday, 25 June.  Three days in court, not one.  From the outset we knew that the legal opportunity afforded by the planning process might be an expensive journey.  And so it is.  Read the grounds for contesting the decision here.

Court case is our best chance to stop the Stonehenge tunnel

Thanks to your generosity the initial target of £50,000 was reached extraordinarily rapidly.  This enabled the legal team to go forward with the preparatory work necessary for the judicial review.  This landmark case is complex and will take not one but three days in court.  The extra work and days in court mean that Save Stonehenge WHS Ltd has been asked by CrowdJustice to raise the funding target to £80,000  which is where the Stonehenge Alliance comes in. We urge you to continue your support and donate here if you can. 

The A303 Stonehenge Examiners recommended refusal. Why?

Since the decision by Transport Secretary to drive a chasm through Stonehenge World Heritage Site we have faced a flood of communications via various platforms expressing grief, shock and bafflement not least because the independent Examining Authority recommended it be refused permission saying that the effects on the WHS and historic environment would be 'significantly adverse'  and 'irreversible'. READ MORE

ACT NOW: Write to the Prime Minister, & to your MP!

The decision to go ahead with the A303 Stonehenge road scheme must be challenged whilst there's time.
Write to the Prime Minister and your MP. It is more effective if you can compose an email of objection to the A303 Stonehenge road scheme in your own words.  Some ideas of WHAT TO SAY 

Leading archaeologist speaks out

Professor Mike Parker Pearson, leading expert in British Neolithic archaeology, speaks out ... READ MORE 

What are we campaigning for?

We are campaigning to stop the Government’s proposal to widen the A303 trunk road to the south west... READ MORE 

Stonehenge: More than just a monument

For many people Stonehenge is a famous monument to visit on a trip to England. For others Stonehenge is a special place of spirituality, for quiet contemplation, communing with ancestors, for healing and celebration.  This article, however, is an introduction to Stonehenge and its landscape: a unique  READ MORE

UNESCO's World Heritage Committee advise UK

Stonehenge was designated in 1986 by UNESCO as “Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites World Heritage Site”. The Statement of Outstanding Universal Value explains why the WHS is of such importance to mankind... READ MORE

Michael Wood "There's still time to reconsider"

Historian, broadcaster and author Michael Wood defends the Stonehenge landscape from the gouging and tunnelling for the widening of the A303 ... FULL DETAILS 

Sir Tony Robinson responds

Tony Robinson and others explain why they are objecting to the Stonehenge scheme. These points were made at the 2017 consultation but they are still valid since the short tunnel remains the preferred route.
Watch more campaign videos here.


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