Stonehenge at risk of being placed on World Heritage in Danger list

The inescapable facts of the situation have led UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee today (22 July 2021) to confirm that if the outcome of Save Stonehenge WHS’s legal challenge allows the A303 Stonehenge scheme to proceed and the scheme is not modified, consideration will be given to placing Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites on the List of World Heritage in Danger next year.  The World Heritage Committee agreed the draft decision unchanged as per the published extract from the World Heritage Committee agenda below.  READ ALL

ACT NOW! Write to the Prime Minister, UK Ambassador &/or your MP

The decision to go ahead with the A303 Stonehenge road scheme must be challenged whilst there’s time.  Write to the Prime Minister and your MP. It is more effective if you can compose an email of objection to the A303 Stonehenge road scheme in your own words.  Some ideas of WHAT TO SAY 

PART TWO: Stonehenge Tunnel

Continuing our slide presentation “WHAT IS PLANNED? Part Two” is a summary description of the construction of the tunnel, spoil and what happens to the spoil based on information presented to the Examination.  SCROLL THROUGH SLIDES OR VIEW VIDEO HERE.  

“WHAT IS PLANNED?” A new series of slides and videos summarising the scheme

PART ONE: Scheme Components – The first of a series of slides and videos showing what  is being planned across the Stonehenge World Heritage Site.  Part One presents the components of the A303 Stonehenge road widening scheme. Future slides will describe specific aspects to explain the physical scale and impact of the road building project. FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR SLIDES AND VIDEO

WORLD HERITAGE WATCH asks Grant Shapps to reconsider

Video letter on behalf of World Heritage Watch: WHW Chair, Stephan Dömpke appeals to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps to reconsider the A303 road widening scheme past Stonehenge and avoid the disruption and harm it would cause to a landscape of Outstanding Universal Value since it transcends national boundaries and is of common importance to all humanity.” World Heritage Watch, based in Berlin, is a global network of more than 170 NGOs including the Stonehenge Alliance who he has personally supported through interventions at World Heritage Committee meetings. WATCH HERE 


What is wrong with a tunnel?  Wouldn’t a tunnel be a great improvement for visitors? Why can’t Highways England widen the existing road?  What are the alternative to a 3km tunnel?  Why do you not have a petition on the UK Parliament site? What were the results of the consultations?  YOUR TOP FAQs ANSWERED! 


25th June 2021 – The Hon. Mr Justice Holgate has closed the court hearing today and reserved judgement.   In doing so he thanked everyone for the work they have undertaken towards this case.
We understand that it could be at least three weeks, possibly months, before we hear the verdict.

Professor Mike Parker Pearson’s presentation

Link to summary, transcript with slides, and video (19:09 minutes) here.

Professor Phil Goodwin’s presentation

Link to transcript with slides, and video (18:26 minutes) here.

Saving Stonehenge WHS: Webinar in full

A webinar with Mike Parker Pearson, Professor of British Later Prehistory at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL, and Phil Goodwin, Professor Emeritus and Senior Fellow of Transport Policy at UCL and the University of the West of England,  explaining why Britain’s most iconic World Heritage Site should be saved from irreparable damage from the catastrophic A303 Stonehenge road widening scheme. Chaired by Tom Holland, Stonehenge Alliance President and award-winning historian, author and broadcaster. WATCH WEBINAR IN FULL HERE 


A303 Stonehenge Examiners recommended refusal. Why?

Since the decision by Transport Secretary to drive a chasm through Stonehenge World Heritage Site we have faced a flood of communications via various platforms expressing grief, shock and bafflement not least because the independent Examining Authority recommended it be refused permission saying that the effects on the WHS and historic environment would be ‘significantly adverse’  and ‘irreversible’.  READ MORE

Success at the first hurdle, but there are more hurdles ahead

The challenge by Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site Ltd (SSWHS) to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps’ outrageous decision to go ahead with the A303 Stonehenge scheme will be heard in the High Court from Wednesday, 23 to Friday, 25 June.  Three days in court, not one.  From the outset we knew that the legal opportunity afforded by the planning process might be an expensive journey.  And so it is. READ THE GROUNDS FOR CONTESTING THE DECISION

More campaign videos

Selection of videos by those who object to Stonehenge road plans, or videos giving voice to objectors as well as informative videos about the scheme.  Some videos were first published on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram… CONTINUE READING




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