The Stonehenge Alliance news releases are listed in order of most recent first:


9 July – Stonehenge Appeal Court hearing next week, but will Labour cancel scheme before then?

25 June – UNESCO raises the stakes over Stonehenge

21 May – Government decision on Stonehenge back in court

29 April – National Highways looking down the wrong end of the telescope 

5 April – National Highways actions premature and could waste more public money (Blog)

19 February – Judgment threatens Stonehenge World Heritage Site | Judgement in full here

19 February – Statement by co-claimant (in blog)


11 December – High Court hearing on future of Stonehenge (Press release by Solicitors Leigh Day on behalf of their client Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site Ltd)

8 December – Court to rule on Stonehenge

5 September – Stonehenge Alliance petitions UNESCO in Paris 

29 August – Stonehenge campaigners challenge Government decision to give repeat approval for road scheme through World Heritage Site  (Press release by Solicitors Leigh Day on behalf of their client Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site Ltd)

26 August – Legal proceedings initiated on Stonehenge road scheme

28 July –  First steps to legal proceedings taken on Stonehenge road scheme on second anniversary of quashing of development consent

14 July – A303 Stonehenge approval threatens de-listing of Stonehenge World Heritage Site


8 December – Stonehenge road scheme doesn’t add up!

4 November – The National Trust remains deaf to concerns about A303 road scheme

26 April – Case against A303 Stonehenge scheme strengthens

17 February –  Threat to Stonehenge continues! Stonehenge supporters outside British Museum.


17 September – Alliance calls on Prime Minister to abandon damaging Stonehenge Road: an open letter 

30 July – Save Stonehenge WHS High Court Judgement AGAINST A303 Stonehenge scheme!”

30 July – Leigh Day press release “Stonehenge road and tunnel decision unlawful, rules judge”

30 July – SSWHS Barrister Victoria Hutton tweeted “High Court quashes Stonehenge New Road DCO. Judgment deemed to have been handed down at 3.45pm today.”  Judgement here

22 July – Liverpool’s UNESCO designation withdrawn: A wake-up call over Stonehenge?

28 June – High Court challenge to largest ever roads programme, including the A303 Stonehenge dual carriageway and tunnel scheme

27 February – Press release by Stonehenge World Heritage Site Ltd: “High Court date for Stonehenge road decision”

17 February – Press release by Leigh Day solicitors for Stonehenge World Heritage Site Ltd: “Judicial review hearing into Stonehenge road project ordered”


23 December – Press release issued by Leigh Day Solicitors: Campaigners have issued a legal claim in their fight to halt the major A303 road project that would carve deep cuttings to a tunnel within the Stonehenge World Heritage Site (WHS)

30 November – Press release by legal team acting for Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site: Leigh Day

30 November – Legal action launched on Stonehenge road decision

12 November – Road to drive chasm through World Heritage Site

11 November – A303 Stonehenge Tunnel  petition closes in on 150,000

13 March – Grotesque act of desecration as Stonehenge moves one step closer –  but is it a done deal?

21 January – Stonehenge Alliance: An open letter to Grant Shapps


Fate of Stonehenge World Heritage Site in the balance! – 2 October

UNESCO World Heritage Committee condemns A303 Stonehenge tunnel scheme – 4 July


Expressway legacy mars centenary celebrations of Stonehenge donation: Leading archaeologist speaks out – 26 October 2018

Highways England determined to wreck Stonehenge World Heritage Site – 19 October

International scandal looms over Stonehenge – 7 February


UNESCO ignored as damaging Stonehenge scheme announced – 11 September

UNESCO decides today that UK Government should reconsider Stonehenge A303 project – 6 July

Tony Robinson to join Stonehenge protest – 6 February

Options consultation on A303 Amesbury to Berwick Down Improvement – 11 January


WHS 30th anniversary conference – 17 November

UNESCO report welcomed – 4 May


World Heritage Day Challenge – 16 April

Historians join forces to condemn Stonehenge plans – 17 March

TV historian joins campaigners against Stonehenge tunnel – 25 February


Tunnelling must protect World Heritage Site – 1 December

Short sighted tunnel vision grips road planners – 13 October

Archived press releases can be found on the Save Stonehenge website.

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