‘Under Stonehenge’ conveniently omits reference to UNESCO’s ‘World Heritage Site’

Stonehenge Visitor centric view from Stonehenge

Construction of cuttings, slip roads and flyover either side of the portals within the World Heritage Site.

Highways England conveniently overlooks a wide deep 1km long cutting to be excavated through a Beaker cemetery and remains of an Early Bronze Age settlement within the Stonehenge World Heritage Site.

This or …

… this uplifting panorama?

Myth 10

6 August 2020: The Stonehenge and the West Country Regeneration Myth from Heritage Action in Heritage Journal 

According to English Heritage, Historic England, The National Trust, and Highways England, spending £2 billion pounds and wrecking our most iconic prehistoric landscape will regenerate the West Country. We beg to differ.











Average time to drive from Highways England’s Head Office in Guildford to St Ives now: 4 hours 36 minutes.

Average time to drive from Highways England’s Head Office in Guildford to St Ives post-tunnel: 4 hours 28 minutes.

Myth 9

Numerous examples in Highways England consultation material suggest that the scheme will ‘enhance Stonehenge’s Outstanding Universal Value’ or the ‘World Heritage Site’ as if the stone monument is the sum total of Stonehenge WHS.  The Stonehenge Alliance has submitted evidence to the Select Committee on Fake News. Examples were given in our response to the consultation which are summarised here.

Stonehenge is not immune to fake news.

Myth 8

6 March 2018: Highways England claims scheme will remove the bottleneck and reduce rat running. See answer to Myth 1. When one tunnel is closed increased traffic through a single tunnel will cause worse congestion than at present. No traffic management through the villages is planned. Diverted traffic will not be prevented from rat running.

Myths 3-7

8 February 2018: English Heritage published a ‘mythbusting’ item as part of a joint press release on behalf of their partners, National Trust and Historic England.  We respond  to each myth in our blog Busting the mythbusters.

NOTE: Since publishing the English Heritage page above with their mythbusters item we noticed that the item has been removed from that page. Myth 9 however is still promoted widely by the promoters and heritage supporters of the road scheme.

Myth 2

March 2015: “If you do not accept the short tunnel we might get something worse” claimed National Trust and English Heritage. Read our statement here

Myth 1

March 2015:  “Increasing road capacity will relieve congestion” is the mythical driver for this scheme. Read our statement here.  See also CPRE’s video and report End of the Road? Challenging the Road Building Consensus.


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