Reprieve for Stonehenge WHS

UNESCO’S World Heritage Committee [1] has called on the UK Government to rethink plans to build a 2.9km tunnel for a widened A303 past Stonehenge. Representatives on the Committee from 21 countries agreed with UNESCO’s 2017 Advisory Mission’s report … READ MORE 

We call for consultation re-run

The Stonehenge Alliance rejects proposals for a damaging road scheme by Highways England and has called for a re-run of the consultation with proposals that would not damage the World Heritage Site. Read more... Our views largely echo those of ICOMOS-UK, UK advisors on World Heritage Sites, who have objected to the scheme in the strongest terms. The position of the Alliance is broadly similar to those of many specialist organisations whose objections we have collected here.

Campaign videos

View a quartet of short campaign videos produced for The Stonehenge Alliance. Other programmes on iPlayer have been collected here.

About our campaign

The UK Government plans to spend £1.4 billion on widening the A303 by Stonehenge that would introduce a 4-lane roadway and short tunnel with massive portals across the iconic Stonehenge World Heritage Site causing permanent damage to a landscape considered “the most archaeologically significant land surface in Europe". Read more...

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Official correspondence

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