Grotesque act of desecration by British Government

“Nowhere else in Britain do the demands of the present and the claims of the past rub up against each other more insistently than amidst the Stonehenge landscape.” Tom Holland

Rishi Sunak made much in his Budget statement on Wednesday about “getting things done”.  His announcement of funding to upgrade the A303 past Stonehenge horrified all those who hold this landscape dear.  But is it a done deal? While the omens don’t look promising, the road has yet to be given the official go-ahead by Secretary of State for Transport by 17 July … READ MORE

Our case against Stonehenge Tunnel

The Stonehenge Alliance case against the A303 Stonehenge Scheme submitted to the Examination Authority is based on 11 issues of concern:
  • Flawed consultation
  • Lack of proper consideration given to alternatives
  • Inadequacy of consideration given to the impact of the scheme on the world heritage and the historic environment
  • Traffic  ... READ MORE

Leading archaeologist speaks out

25 October 2018 - Professor Mike Parker Pearson, leading expert in British Neolithic archaeology, speaks out about the Stonehenge tunnel in a video “Stonehenge tunnel sets a bad precedent” shares his profound concerns.  At barely 3km long the tunnel ... READ MORE 

Petition isn't going away. Share it!

In view of Government’s persistence with its deeply misguided plan to proceed with the Stonehenge Tunnel we have decided to persist with our petition and build up the opposition.  Please can you share the petition with writers of blogs, magazines, managers of Facebook pages, travelogues, Trip Advisor or a newsletter?   Next stop, Secretary of State for Transport! Here is the petition represented again.

Future of Stonehenge WHS in the balance!

The Infrastructure Planning Inspectorate’s Examination of the Development Consent Order application for widening the A303 through Stonehenge WHS has now closed.  Since April, the Alliance’s attention has been focused 100% on scrutinising documents, writing objections  ... READ MORE

What we are campaigning for

We are campaigning to stop the Government’s proposal to widen the A303 trunk road to the south west where it passes across the iconic Stonehenge World Heritage Site (WHS). The 4-lane... READ MORE 

Stonehenge: Much more than a monument

3 October 2018 - For many people Stonehenge is a famous monument to visit on a trip to England. For others Stonehenge is a special place of spirituality, for quiet contemplation, commune with ancestors, for healing and celebration.  This article however is an introduction to Stonehenge in its landscape as a unique prehistoric cultural World Heritage Site. READ MORE

Please can you pop a £ in the pot?

15 August 2018 - Thank you to everyone who responded to the supplementary consultation which has now closed. To campaign against the devastating 'expressway' we need money.  Our work is donated voluntarity but we need to pay for publicity, professional advice and numerous sundry items. However little you wish to contribute we would be hugely appreciative. To donate please link here. 

MPs’ debate raises alarm for Stonehenge heritage

6 June 2018 - Yesterday’s Westminster Hall debate, called by Alex Burghart, Conservative MP for Brentwood and Ongar, was both timely and critical in informing Members of Parliament about the unsurpassed heritage of the World Heritage Site (WHS) – and for flushing out some worrying misunderstandings of proponents of the A303 Stonehenge short tunnel scheme.  Despite the Government’s hard line, endorsed by Transport Minister...READ MORE

22 expert archaeologists say A303 Scheme sets dangerous precedent

 “The UK has an international reputation for the quality of its heritage protection and enhancement; that reputation can only be maintained – setting the bar high enough to encourage others to reject large-scale damaging developments in other World Heritage Sites around the world.”  Detailed letter to Highways England by a consortium of 22 experts led by Professor Mike Parker-Pearson who have carried out... READ HERE

UNESCO's advice

Stonehenge was designated in 1986 by UNESCO as “Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites World Heritage Site”. The Statement of Outstanding Universal Value explains why the WHS is of such importance to mankind... READ MORE


Numerous cartoonists have lampooned the road and tunnel scheme since the announcement of the 2014 version of widening the A303. To view a selection of our favourites click here!

Watch! Weep! Protest!

Government intends to build a 4-lane road and tunnel in the heart of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. Tom Holland explains the horror (1.11min) on a site visit in 2017. More videos here.

Sir Tony Robinson responds

Tony Robinson and others explain why they objected to the Stonehenge scheme. Points made at the 2017 consultation are still valid since the short tunnel remains the preferred route.

Information Library

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