Stonehenge Expressway: an eloquent emblem of a failed transport policy

Guest author, Tim Marshall, Emeritus Professor of Planning at Oxford Brookes University, explains why he is not in favour of the Stonehenge proposal and puts the A303 Expressway in the context of national transport planning policy. Professor Marshall is a planning academic, formerly a planning practitioner with a lifetime interest in archaeology. He writes independently of The Stonehenge Alliance... READ MORE

Shock at Highways England’s indifference to UNESCO’s advice

The Stonehenge Alliance is shocked by Highways England’s A303 Stonehenge “preferred route” announcement today. The proposed scheme, at huge expense (£1.6bn), an increase of a further £200m, would cause severe and permanent damage to the archaeological landscape of the World Heritage Site (WHS) in direct conflict with international advice to the UK Government earlier this year... READ MORE

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The UK Government plans to spend £1.6 billion on widening the A303 by Stonehenge that would introduce a 4-lane roadway and short tunnel with massive portals across the iconic Stonehenge World Heritage Site causing permanent damage to a landscape considered “the most archaeologically significant land surface in Europe"... READ MORE

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