Eastern tunnel portal and cutting: This is what is proposed for land purchased by National Trust in 2020.   More scheme images here. Image above by National Highways

Without the National Trust’s support, the Government’s proposal would be unlikely to succeed since the road goes through and under land owned by the Trust.

Please ask the National Trust to stand up for Stonehenge World Heritage Site, support sustainable transport solutions that address traffic issues, and ask the Government to abandon its intention to proceed with the A303 scheme.  The National Trust should consider road building as an option of last resort, and not support a dual carriageway through a World Heritage Site.

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National Trust Chairman, René Olivieri and Hilary McGrady, National Trust Director-General, by sending the email below.

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“But we have not two Stonehenges, and our generation will be vilified by all posterity if we allow the surroundings of this monument, the frontispiece to English history, to be ruined beyond repair.”

National Appeal letter, dated October 1927, to purchase some 1,440 acres of land surrounding Stonehenge vested in the National Trust, sent to prospective donors jointly signed by: 

Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin; Lord Crawford and Balcarres, President of the Society of Antiquaries; Lord Grey of Fallodon, Vice-President of the National Trust; and Sir Lionel Earle, Permanent Secretary to the Office of Works responsible for the care of the monument given to the nation by Sir Cecil Chubb in 1918.

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