• National Highways identified 8 areas for improvement along the A303/A358 road corridor, including the section by Stonehenge.

Of the 8 schemes 3 have been funded: One scheme is in construction and the other two are in development, including A303 Stonehenge. Map National Highways 2023

  • The National Audit Office said in 2019 that the benefits of the scheme could only be realised when all 8 schemes were completed.  Funding, however, has only been secured for three projects.
  • Thus the new section past Stonehenge would simply move traffic to the next jam a little faster, so long as there are no road works, traffic incidents, tunnel closures or diversions to delay the journey and the few minutes saved by the new dual carriageway.
  • Inflation and spiralling construction costs will diminish the value of completing the remaining 5 schemes, a decision that would need to be carried forward to a future government that might have other priorities. (NAO progress report 2022)

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