There is still time to Save Stonehenge WHS AND Save £2.5bn!

Please demand that Government delivers solutions that stop making things worse for our heritage, environment and transport, and honours its commitments.  


Stonehenge World Heritage Site (WHS) remains under attack.  Unlike many other expensive new road schemes, such as the Lower Thames Crossing, A303 Stonehenge has not been kicked into the long grass. Permission for the scheme was granted on 14 July 2023!

The future of Stonehenge WHS is in limbo.  The proposed road scheme for Stonehenge, condemned by UNESCO and rejected by the Planning Inspectorate,has been redetermined by the Secretary of State.  No timetable for implementation has been announced.   

The Stonehenge scheme simply doesn’t add up economically.   We need to tell Government that the money should be re-invested in UK-wide public services. For example, we are at a tipping point with public transport being dismantled as a viable network in the UK.  

Whether you are a UK resident or not, please use the template below as a starting point and edit to personalise your response. This will give your letter greater weight. Below are some things you can say.


Transport Secretary  Rt. Hon. Mark Harper:  

Culture Secretary Rt. Hon. Lucy Frazer:

Subject: Widening of A303 through Stonehenge World Heritage Site

Dear Transport / Culture Secretary,

The widening of the A303 through Stonehenge World Heritage Site is a bad idea. Your team of Planning Inspectors said it is hugely damaging to the archaeological landscape, with UNESCO threatening to withdraw the site’s World Heritage status if the scheme goes ahead in its present form.

Furthermore, all the evidence suggests that spending £2.5bn on this scheme makes little economic sense.  People the world over are realising that we cannot build our way out of congestion.  What is more, road building generates more CO2 and we need to get to net zero as fast as possible. 

There are low cost, low carbon, heritage friendly options that the Department for Transport should have investigated and could still do so – straight away.

Funding saved from building this new road could be diverted to other essential public services including sustainable transport and the NHS, to ensure more people can access the WHS without having to come by car. 

Respect for the whole archaeological landscape would avoid international condemnation.

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You can also write to your MP asking them to forward your concerns to the ministers.  More details here.

Thank you!

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