We now publish our images of events and activities on Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Below is a random selection of archive photos taken during the early days of our Save Stonehenge WHS campaign in 2014 and 2015.


Tom Holland with the Stonehenge Alliance outside the British Museum




Andy Atkins, former Executive Director of Friends of the Earth 2008 to 2015




Visit to the spring at Blick Mead Mesolithic Site near A303

Caroline Lucas, Jan 2015

Caroline Lucas; The Green Party conference voted against the scheme.


Backing the campaign


Spelling out ‘No Compromise’ at Stonehenge at the Autumn Equinox


Getting it right

Halangy Down St Marys IOS March 2015 poster web

Visitor to Halangy Down petitions from the Isles of Scilly


Visitor to the Grand Canyon WHS joins the petition





Tom Holland Kate Freeman Dan Snow Chris Todd Margaret Willmott 17032015

Tom Holland and Dan Snow join Stonehenge Alliance campaigners March 2015

Poster Tom Holland SH fb & twitter

Tom Holland encourages petitioners for World Heritage Day 18 April 2015

Stonehenge Dan Snow Fb Twitter Poster

Dan Snow encourages petitioners on World Heritage Day 18 April 2015.

Coach park 2014

Coach park by Stonehenge Visitor Centre 2014. Permission granted April 2015 to double in size for two years.

Visitor centre and car park 2014

Car park, new junction and street lighting by visitor centre at Stonehenge World Heritage Site 2014.

2.1 2.5 2.9 on line tunnel portals assessment 2014

Map showing possible route of short tunnel and portals extracted from National Trust/English Heritage assessment 2014.

38Degrees photo

38 Degrees lends support to the campaign.



Graphic of tunnel portals courtesy of Western Daily Press, Dec 2014


Happy to help


Sian Berry outside the Victoria & Albert Museum


Sian Berry campaigns to Save our heritage with Dr Kate Fielden


Rescue Archaeology logo of the Stones


Love your heritage


Lord Kennet’s quote


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