Key points when writing to the Prime Minister, MP or Secretaries of State

Subject: A303 Stonehenge road scheme 

• Dear Prime Minister,  &/or Dear [first and last name of your MP],

• I am shocked to learn that the UK Government is still considering going ahead with the A303 Stonehenge Tunnel scheme even though permission for the A303 Tunnel scheme even though the scheme has been quashed in the High Court.

•  Please abandon this scheme before it’s too late.

• There is world wide opposition to damaging our world heritage.

• The scheme examiners recommended refusal on the grounds of significant and irreversible damage to the WHS.

• The scheme goes against the advice of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, it will undermine the UK’s legal commitment to address Climate Change and is contrary to the advice of many experienced archaeologists and specialists.

• The High Court has ruled against the decision to proceed with the scheme.

• Ask your MP to ensure that your concerns are forwarded to the Secretaries of State for Transport and Culture.

• Yours sincerely,

2. Please include: your full name, address

3. Please attach: the MPs’ Briefing describing the scheme and its effects.

4. You can also attach this link to images of the scheme.

5. Copy:  Transport Secretary, The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP

6. Copy: Culture Secretary, The Right Honourable Nadine Dorries MP

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