Subject heading: A303 Stonehenge Tunnel

The scheme to destroy parts of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site and remove the world-famous view is being challenged.

You may not know:

Cost benefit analysis included £955m for heritage benefits; heritage damage was not costed. The Public Accounts Committee questioned this dubious calculation, noting the scheme is low value for money.

Recent sampling in proposed construction areas revealed prehistoric artefacts – the scheme will ‘bulldoze’ many thousands away.

A surface route avoiding the World Heritage site was unconvincingly rejected on environmental grounds, including archaeology.

The economy of the SW will suffer from the scheme for many years because of traffic delays from construction work and ‘bottlenecks’ elsewhere on the A303, presently unfunded.

The Examining Authority recommended the scheme should not be confirmed.

Surely approval by the Transport Secretary would be a mistake?

Please stop the tunnel!  It will shame your government and delay economic recovery in the SW.


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