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1. What is wrong with a tunnel? Wouldn’t a tunnel be a great improvement for visitors?

2. Why cant Highways England widen the existing road?

3. Passing motorists slow down to take photos of the Stonehenge monument.  Would a hedge to screen the view on the A303 improve the flow of traffic?

4. What are the alternatives to a 2.9km tunnel?

5. How else would you spend £1.6bn

6. How frequently is the tunnel at Hindhead closed?

7. When will the archaeological, geological assessments be published? Will it be in time for the 2018 Consultation?

8. What were the results of the 2017 Consultation?

9.  Could the Stonehenge bypass go north of Larkhill?

10. What will happen when the tunnel is closed?

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Highways England’s public consultation booklet explains the plans for an A303 Stonehenge 2.9km tunnel, junctions and a bypass for Winterbourne Stoke. More really useful references in our library.

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