• Myth 8, 6 March 2018: Highways England claims scheme will remove the bottleneck and reduce rat running. See answer to Myth 1. When one tunnel is closed increased traffic through a single tunnel will cause worse congestion than at present. No traffic management through the villages is planned. Diverted traffic will not be prevented from rat running.
  • Myths 3-7, 8 February 2018: English Heritage published a ‘mythbusting’ item as part of a joint press release on behalf of their partners, National Trust and Historic England.  We respond  to each myth in our blog Busting the mythbusers.
  • Myth 2, March 2015: “If you do not accept the short tunnel we might get something worse” claimed National Trust and English Heritage. Download our statement here
  • Myth 1, March 2015:  “Increasing road capacity will relieve congestion” is the mythical driver for this scheme. Download our statement here.
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